Online Platform

We provide a complete LMS platform to host your courses online and keep track of learner progress.

Accessible On the Go

Our platform is available on any platform that can access the web. The experience is customized for each device to provide the best possible experience.

We can support desktops, tablets and mobile devices with HTML5 courses and also provide Adobe® Flash® courses for desktop users.

No Limits

We don’t put limits on the amount of learners who can sign up or number courses you can provide. Our platform is perfect for companies of all sizes, whether you work at a small business with a handful of employees or a global corporation with thousands of trainees.

Our platform isn’t limited to your employees either. Allow distributors, customers, or anyone else you’d like to sign up at zero cost per learner.

Learner Profiles

Keep track of individual learners and their progress. Collect demographic information, email addresses, and specific interests to help evaluate and improve your courses.

Real-Time Analytics

Track important metrics with our built-in analytics. Compare course activity, find trends, and assess your online learning initiative.

Reporting & Analysis

Export custom spreadsheet reports for Excel or Google Sheets. Filters allow you to personalize reports and get the specific data you need.

Stop Guessing

Learners are able provide you with helpful feedback to continually improve your courses.

Design and Branding

Our platform is customized to match your company’s look and feel. Whether or not you have comprehensive brand guidelines, we design the platform and courses to match your company aesthetic.