Custom Courses

Create an immersive learning experience for any subject and develop interactive courses tailored to your audience.

It all starts with a storyboard

We create each course from scratch to fit your specific goals and message. We can help you create storyboards that are developed into complete interactive elearning courses.

HTML5 or Flash

Our courses are created in either Adobe® Flash® or HTML5 for broader support. The choice is yours.

Strategy & Planning

We can assist you to create effective courses. Our designers and builders have experience developing elearning courses since 2005.

Immersive Activities

Create interactive activities that encourage exploration and offer immediate feedback to allow users to learn from their mistakes.

Knowledge Assessments

Add assessments after your courses to test knowledge retention and track learner progress. Reward certificates for completed courses.

Voice Narration

We record voice narration ourselves, making it easy to update any last minute changes.

Learning Resources

Include printable documents, links, and videos with each course, always available when you need them.

Host Anywhere

Our courses are compatible with our LMS platform or your own existing LMS. We are able to provide courses in SCORM compliant formats as well.